Sunday, February 3, 2008

Changes in my mind.

By reading this article and listening to and learning from others, I have changed my views and feelings from just the beginning of the school year. I know I expressed that I felt like a guinea pig or a pawn being used for my talents for client based assignments. Now my vision has changed in listening to certain instructors beliefs. I appreciate the encouragement and the heartfelt emotion that Christy shared with the class. I feel that heart is needed in design, #1 I think it won't only heighten the design (in my case illustration), but also grab and provoke the viewer as well. Just from our class huddle, I have the responsibilty to take the notice to my passions and not sell out and disrespect my beliefs, but for those that do not take notice to their passions, more power to u, for I think in the long run happiness will be know where in their grasp.